January 29 blue moon astrology


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Be conscious of your consciousness, your subconscious, and your emotions. Our moon is in Leo, with the sun in Aquarius. When the moon is in Leo and the sun is in Aquarius, we have the archetypal contrast of the self and the collective. Leo, ruled by the sun, rules the heart. We have more power when we are heart-centered. Leo rules the heart and Aquarius rules the circulatory system.

The more aligned a heart is, the more powerfully it carries its messages through the various systems and channels. The blood is channeled freely, benefiting the whole. The Leo archetype is of the self and the stage, of needing to be seen, of needing to be loved.

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The Aquarius archetype is one of being of service to the greater collective, to humanity, and to ideals — of being inventive and innovative. The Tarot cards associated with this astrology are the Strength card, which correlates to Leo, and the Star, which correlates to Aquarius.

Hope and the heart, empowered compassion, and healing on an expansive level. This is fire and air. Passion and the intellect. Love and clarity. You may feel ignited at this time to use your voice, use your ideas, to set something exciting into motion. Or, you might feel inclined to burn it all down. Burn down the false thoughts, the unhelpful voices, the ways in which you sell yourself short. This full moon would be a good time to remind yourself of where reaching out for help is needed.

This full moon could be a good time to think more deeply about where you might need to be of service to the greater collective and to this planet. Lunar eclipses, from an astrological perspective, have to do with transforming internal patterns and processes. The shadow of the earth moving across the screen of the moon highlights our own shadows more starkly. This can be a messenger, bringing deeply needed endings. Eclipses are portals, like cosmic sliding doors.

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If it is time to break patterns around self-hatred and self-loathing, or other emotional stickiness, this is the moon to do it. If it is time for you to shine in brighter ways than ever before, put your focus there. What do you need to end? Parasites act up during a full moon. Parasites associated with Lyme disease could also create Alzheimer-like symptoms.

Odds are a traditional doctor will not be well informed about this.


January Full Moon 12222: Full Wolf Moon Meets a Total Lunar Eclipse

A little research shows me that it happened yesterday?? January 19th. The partial eclipse begins at Jan 20 at pm EST.

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Being that it is snowing, there is a slim chance that I will see it, and Slim just left town. But thanks almanac for reminding me about it! The weather is always worse after a full moon and the "supermoons" seem to exert an extra pull on the tides. The OFA prediction for the start of February is already bleak and if the start of January is any indication, this looks at least as bad. How come there isn't any mention of a Double Moon?

This week's supermoon-eclipse confidence boost | Well+Good

That's what we can see here in Boston! An Old Moon usually refers to a waning crescent Moon. Where would you suggest I go to find 1 date 2 time of recording 3 moon phase. I need this for a school project I need a full phase between Jan 5 and Feb 20 I also need the pattern of moon during day light hours.

Full Moon for January 2020

To see the Full Moon for your area, click here for our Moon Calendar. Im not sure if this is on topic but I'm an Aquarius and I honestly love the moon so much. Wolves are honestly my favorite animal,and it was a coincidence that was what my moon is called. I'm very independent,aloof,and I love nature.

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