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Synonyms and antonyms of taur in the Romanian dictionary of synonyms

Relevant here are words to the church of Laodicea in the book of Revelation. Historically, Laodicea was a prosperous city famed for luxury goods including a precious eye salve. It also drank from the well-supplied but tepid, lukewarm waters of the region. What is the shame of nakedness best not seen? In Revelation the redeemed who are seen as like priests unto God Rev5: So the meaning is virtually guaranteed to be otherwise. The reason the priests wore white while their feet were bare was because their white robe represented the lost and to be reacquired radiance of the original, body-surrounding aura which of course could also be coloured but white is the source colour and light itself.

We can now return to the earlier mentioned thief in the night passage. The answer is that Christ is being identified with the chief of the Temple guard composed of levite priests whose leader was called the thief. All sorts of symbolism is involved here but most obviously fire represents the judgement and purifying force of deity and the priest is symbolically judged, sent to hell. But we must also remember especially the following point of symbolism as regards sleeping and waking.

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No matter how pure, free, natural or healthy the nudity of any Christian St Francis, pagan Diogenes or poetic Walt Whitman might be at a certain level, symbolically even or especially for traditional symbolic systems like astrology , nudity still equates as much as for Hebrew with some kind of loss, lack, even poverty Francis and Diogenes were both devoted to it. Symbols are multivalent and like notes they have octaves. It follows that nudity as linked to sleep and dream is also a lack of sorts in relation to its Uranian polarity of wakefulness.

We can now better see what is happening with biblical and especially apocalyptic imagery. The state of nudity risks engaging a shame related less to eros and sex than symbolically the condition of sleep which is oblivious to and unprepared for what is to happen. But life is stranger than fiction and symbolism has almost autonomous powers, works in chains of association enforcing something like the Jungian compensation factor.

Urban nudism names the practice, or claim to be able to practice a more public nudity. It is and remains more or less illegal, though laws may not be strongly applied in some places and times especially protests and festivals like the World Naked Bike Ride or Gay pride. Because what is Neptunian insinuates rather than rebels and organizes like Uranus, there never has been nor will be any aggressive or highly organized naked revolution akin to Gay Lib but there can be local trends and movements that favour greater freedom.

I recall a TV interview with a Buenos Aires urban nudist who maintained that as he was anyway poor, unemployed and excluded, why not go naked when he had nothing to lose? Is the chief aim, fame, freedom, art, health, political protest, a neo-pagan campaign, gay pride JM is gay?

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And the way its icons deform the human body denying it all Solomonic or Renaissance glories, was perhaps bound by a massive act of psychic compensation, to produce alternatives at the first modern opportunity. I suspect therefore that original support for JM has some connection to a local will to re assert threatened principles of phallos by the same society that anciently displayed herms at house entrances. Greek theology, more in line with biblical statements, teaches something closer to semi-subordinationism with both Son and Spirit issuing from the One, a position which, as pointed out in various of my books and writings has implications for how deity, creation and sexuality are to be understood.

The occultist Mme Blavatsky was the first to call Jesus Mercury outright and basically because like pagan Mercury he is described as mediator, healer and the go-between in relation to heaven and earth.

These matters are covered in my Testament of the Magi: Mysteries of the Birth and Life of Christ, https: It took such a long time for my DVD of this film to arrive from America, it was a surprise it arrived at all. But between the hype and my expectations, finally seeing this film, which expresses a variety of more or less creationist views from people of faith who work and teach in science, was a bit of an anticlimax.

It has to be understood, and thoughtful Christians like C. There is a basically philosophical argument about truth and whether or not the record indicates scientists have some unstated prejudices and are fudging the facts and then there are the more purely faith and spirituality related questions because what you believe about nature and God can colour your entire outlook on life. But to the extent there are challenging facts and untold stories, then these facts, which should be heard, can and will largely speak for themselves.

And in work lthis film undertakes, one disc the main film should have kept solely to the facts and the other two discs to discussion of related religious issues. Especially so as, regardless of your precise beliefs, you still need to recognize that the bible you cite as authority, no matter how true, is still not a full blown science text book but often closer to poetry….

Horoscopul anului 12222

A lot of it could reasonably be called generalization to be understood and accepted as such. A good example would be some writings of St Paul who gets cited along with Genesis. Because how much beyond generalization can and should one accept St Paul even on religion?

Horoscop Urania - Emisiunea Uranissima - Zodia Leu 05 – 11 octombrie 2019

Such ideas had never crossed their minds. Sometimes truth exists in grey areas we must see and respect. Other ideas of truth risk becoming unhelpful bibliolatry. The run up to Easter sees the release of more than one religion-related film and not only the season but the dates of release are eloquent for what is involved. The timing of the film is rather exquisite.

Tarot ,Horoscop Pesti General 12222

On March 23 rd and 30 th , Jupiter stands on 22 of water sign, Scorpio. If one were to take the Feb 26th London premiere that message is arguably stronger. On the 23 rd March, the sun is bordering 3 degrees Aries. Shocking, extreme but crowd friendly Uranus on the day has just entered 27 degrees Aries. However this is not what is most striking in the pattern……. We next ask where is the reputation-affecting Venus itself on the day?

Sure enough it is on 20 Aries. I should say this reflects a persecution theme, the one-time persecution of Christians by Paul and then pagan persecution of Paul.

Urania Greek God - Year of Clean Water

Of some significance, but I am unsure quite what, Mercury at 16 Aries on the day is at stationary apparent retrograde. I think it was this.

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One almost never deals in historical religious development but as in Dante more like supposedly rationally derived timeless principles promoted by Aristotle and Aquinas, truths and emotions justified more by logic than dialectic. As such Paul is a revolutionary, transitional figure who straddles two eras, the ages of Aries and Pisces astrologically , helping to define the nature of the latter.

Great men make great mistakes and that includes Paul. We may regret today that Paul could be myopic in relation to women and gays — even St Teresa of Avila complained to Jesus about Paul on women — but he was a man of his times. And it is because he was a protestor and reformer of many things that we are at least free to question him in turn as part of the whole spiritual and intellectual revolution he began.

As said, I think this film speaks to both a certain nostalgia and hope for great er leadership in religion. This could remind us that whatever his particular gifts, Billy Graham was not a figure quite like St Paul but very much his own person and of his own time, someone made possible by media who could be as much his persecutor as his supporter. I note the following three points. Saturn is in that sign at 26 degrees. This means it is conjunct the Galactic Centre which enjoys a certain association with events in religion. I would suggest that in line with things Saturnian, neither religion, nor for that matter even the animal realm and humour, are being particularly well represented.

I would likely see more connections if exceptionally at this time I was not encountering problems accessing data for asteroids which I would like to read for the 17th November. If you listen to government ministers and gay-rights campaigners, you will believe that gay marriage is all about equality, all about equal rights. And of course, this means that anyone who criticizes gay marriage can be written off as a friend of inequality, and no one wants to be thought of in that way………Writing in the s, the great liberal thinker Hannah Arendt said: When Ireland went to referendum on same sex marriage in , a leader of the No movement was a gay activist, Keith Mills.

It is actually possible to be gay and to hesitate, however reluctantly, in the face of what some gay activists are claiming and promoting and just how as in Australia. Something of the same is occurring here in Australia with activist actor Magda Szubanski getting emotional about love and toleration as though only tears could and should have authority in what is a complex, sensitive issue which will never just by itself heal wounds.

Another similarity is the influence of big money and corporations like Qantas behind Yes. I was told it would be considered but I was never as promised got back to despite a polite reminder. Though I believe the religion writer I had dealt with was just inconsiderate and indifferent, undeniably there have been complaints Irish media was strangely hostile to anyone questioning the marriage equality movement.

Supporters of No felt intimidated under the force of the massive publicity given to Yes which it was said had been flooded with funds from American multimillionaire gay activist, Tim Gill.